Latest Response from the ODWC on the Re-Reg Clean-out Project

To Our Members,

Some years ago I was tasked the the idea of coming up with a plan to clean out the low flow pipes of the re-reg dam so as to allow more cold water into Zone III and to minimize or eliminate the hot water killing trout.

We came up with a plan over some time that was eventually approved for federal matching funds by the ODWC Wildlife Commission for the budget year 2011/2012.  It was subsequently quashed with out any plausible reason as to why.

After getting the results of the Economic Survey of 2012 and having excellent data to support the importance of the river for the county and State, I sent a letter to the commissioners asking for clarification on why this project was not happening.

Suffice it to say that as of this time, the ODWC will not be looking to the re-reg project as a prudent use of funds.

This does not mean that the project will not be picked up some time in the future. I will continue to pursue this as long as I am around the LMFR.

Below is a copy of the letter for you to read.


Patrick Waters


Enhancing trout fishing on the Lower Mountain Fork River in Southeast Oklahoma